Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wedding Preparation..


Now i m totally headache because of wedding lots to think
not enough money...OMG!

Somemore, my mother too rush up about everything...she didnt want to settle down as planned.
Thats make my headache become worst...

Plus, every day have to go to work out early mornin 7.00 am and back 7.00 pm then reach home 8.00 pm..ohhh i m very with customer totally very tired huh!

Back to my wedding preparation, what my mother and i have done to settle it is :
1. Catering
2. Pelamin and the clothes + photographer
3. Curtains

is it thats all thats i have done? there is lots have to do..huuu...hopefully the planned run smoothly..

One more think..this saturday, my fiancee and his parent will come to my house to disscuss in advance about our wedding ceremony....

to be continue...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

come back! in year 2010


i m back in 2010..which is for a long time i didnt share anythin 2 u guys..what i m doin right now?

Currently, i m working as a customer service rep at tm point..and this is my first job after finished my Skali programme year 2008..i have been working almost 2 years..

Sincerely, i dont like my job right now..hopefully i will get another job opputunity next..

ermmm...i ll promise to keep up to date my blog with differnt of story and what inside of my mind..ooppsss..4 u guys, i already engaged on 14 december 2008 and get married in 1 may 2010..insyAllah..anything will uptodate in this blog..hopefully

for now..bye ;p

Thursday, August 21, 2008

mixed of feels...

hi frends..

today is the last day i stay at tanjong malim...why?

it is because i have to transfer to tm point parit buntar which is i dont even think to go and stay there..uhuk..

what i feel right now is sad but at the same time happy.. ;p

Sad... because of almost 4 months i stay and work here and it become rutine for me work here and i already adapt with the environment.. is because of when i stay here i feel lonely..alone..huhu now when i m not stay here anymore positively i think the parit buntar is much more better place.

seriuously...i feel want to change work right now... bored..

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Book Review - Chapter 4

On the chapter 4 (Into the Fire) for Skali Lagi book, the writer more focusing to tell readers about his company problems that have their faced and how their solve and find out the way to solve the problem.

For introduction in this chapter, writer explain that he already launched company website with the address http// and thereason why he choose the company name that is Skali. Then, writer start to describe the problem that Skali have to face such as the financial problem and almost facing bankruptcy.

Writer felt that to raise money was difficult because the transfer of ownership of Alam Teknokrat was still not properly executed. By December 1997, the paperwork for the transfer of ownership finally done and afterwards Skali manage to get infusion of cash from Japanese venture firm, Nomura Jafco which is gave %5 million to settle some outstanding debts and buy the hardware to host the AltaVista mirror site.

Then, the next infusion of cash is from Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad (PUNB) and writer said that PUNB is harder to convince because they were used to investing in more traditional industries such as construction and manufacturing.

On this chapter as well, the writer have mention the biggest problem that their faced which is Skali unable to pay their employees full of salaries. Where staff start request their salaries and send anonymous e-mail to the top management.Then, staff also start to quit their job from Skali on July, August, September onwards 1998.

1. Always keep effort and believe yourself what have been plan
2. Think positively whatever problems come.
3. Open minded and be strong

Book Review - Chapter 3

In this chapter it tells about, this person is forming a SKALI with many adventures around him. He anger to face the new challenges in his life. He wanted to know something new and create something that was wholly he’s own. They did it, it wasn’t any youthful exuberance they really wanted everything will be totally difference.

In this era, IT and New Media play a big role in this world. It being a platform for every industry. The US was trailblazing the way, while Japan, South Korea and Taiwan were leading the pack in Asia. Why not bring that world to Malaysia? Why not us?

The IT and New Media industries provided that platform. At that time, the Internet was the rage. It wasn’t just about e-mailing friends and peers all over the world; the Internet opened up worlds for everyone around the globe. It was impossible not to get caught up in the euphoria of the 90s.

The idea was to build content around the search engine and make money by selling online ads. So, he tested the idea with his father. He figured if he could convince a sceptical old-economy guy like his father it would surely be a hit. At first, he told him what a search engine did. He got confused, so rather than explaining further, he showed him.

At last, he’s dream had come true. Little did we expect that he’s dream would soon turn into a nightmare. He manage to get through all the challenges after he go through up and down with loans here and there with his partnership. From this, what we have learnt, it’s not wrong to dream, and patience is the most important thing we have to bared in mind.


Monday, March 10, 2008

World Women's Day...

Last of 8th March 2008 is the world women's day and actually i did not realize that day ;p

Here, i just want to wish Happy Women's Day to all my Women frends ;p hehehe and also to my mother and my youngest sister...both of u are great !

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I already sick...huhuhu i will continue later..

Now i am back to the office and continue group work. I just recover from the normal fever where all my office mate thought that i 'kene demam denggi'... but i am not...

It was very pain and uncomfortable have fever, with flu, feelin cold huhu..but i have to accept it if god gave me a fever ;p actually it is for a long time i 'x kene demam' so i think this is the right time.

But u know what..? it is not only me 'yang kene demam' but it also happen to some of my office this is fever season hahaha ;p

And for the rest my frend take care of ur self and it is better to avoid the sick than u start to eat the medicine...